PIT Tag Re-useable Jecta Implanter Only


The Jecta Re-Useable PIT Tag Implanter.
This simple, ergonomic, plastic implanter gun allow multiple cannula to be loaded and cannula attached to the Jecta gun one by one for quick and easy implanting.

Available options include:

  • Gun Only to suit 2.1mm Dia
  • Gun Only to suit 1.4mm Dia

Bulk prices available for 100+ units. Call or email for assistance.

Choose your option here:

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Jecta Gun Only 2.1mm, Jecta Gun Only 1.4mm

Suits PIT Tag Models: 2.12 x 12mm Bio-Glass, 1.40 x 8mm Bio-Glass and 2.12 x 13mm Bio-Polymer Needle sizes: 2.55 OD x Length = 25mm. 1.89 OD x Length = 25mm IC type: EM4305 chip Operating frequency: 134.2 kHz +/- 3000 Hz. Chemical resistance: Water immersion IP68 20°c, 24 hours, 1 metre. Aqueous solution of salts 20°c, 100 hours. Alcohol, oil, HLC (10%) 20°c, 100 hours. Ammonia 20°c, 100 hours. Mechanical Resistance: Vibration test: IEC 68.2.6 Shock: IEC 68.2.29 Storage temp: -40°c to +90°c (Recommend <+30°c) Operating temp: -35°c to +85°c Read range (using a pocket 9v battery scanner): 70mm (2.75″)