13mm Bio Polymer ISO FDX-B Microchip”Less Waste” Cannula Packs

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Swiss Quality, Ergonomic Bio Compatible Polymer Antimicrobial Microchip.
Ideal for both equine, livestock and fisheries. Any animals entering the food chain.
Fusion Microchips are made from Food Grade/Safe Bio Compatible Polymer.

Less Waste Pack 30 Cannula plus 3 re-usable premium implanters.
Available to Veterinarians, researchers, registered implanters & livestock producers only.
Ultra sharp fine ground quality cannula for ease of use.
Removable (unscrew) cannula for less sharps waste

Bulk prices available for 1,000+ units. Call or email for assistance.

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Microchip Size

12mm BioPolymer

Implanter Type

Re-usable Syringes & Sterile Bulk Needle Packs


carton of 30, 10 cartons of 30

Model: 2.12 x 13mm Bio-Compatible Polymer Needle size: 2.55 OD x Length = 25mm. Material: Patented Bio-Polymeric Fusion IC type: EM4305 chip Operating frequency: 134.2 kHz +/- 3000 Hz. Chemical resistance: Water immersion IP68 20°c, 24 hours, 1 metre. Aqueous solution of salts 20°c, 100 hours. Alcohol, oil, HLC (10%) 20°c, 100 hours. Ammonia 20°c, 100 hours. Mechanical Resistance: Vibration test: IEC 68.2.6 Shock: IEC 68.2.29 Storage temp: -40°c to +90°c (Recommend <+30°c) Operating temp: -35°c to +85°c Read range (using a pocket 9v battery scanner): 70mm (2.75″)